Catering Menus

Our Catering Menus illustrate Chef Karen’s passion of creating great eclectic cuisine as you will see throughout her Catering Menus. Whether your event is a family gathering, private party or a business meeting, Chef Karen will work with you to ensure all your requirements are covered.

Catering Menus

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Buffet Catering Trays
These allow you to select full or half trays of several Entrees & Sides and offers a wide enough selection to satisfy all your friends and family.

Buffet Dinner Package
Our 3-Course Buffet Dinner Package is just a suggestion and a sampling of the virtually limitless possibilities available from Bistro Etc.

Hors d’oeuvre Selections
These are to dinner what aperitifs are to wine; a little something before the main event, but they CAN be the main event on their own

Party at the Bistro
Parties for up to 40 friends or associates in a casual upscale atmosphere while enjoying some of the area’s finest food, wine & cocktails.

Cocktail Social Hour
A perfect solution for social or business networking. It allows your guests to socialize prior to the actual event and to reduce the number of guests who may arrive late to the main event.

Holiday Catering Menus
As the Holiday Seasons approach, we understand that everyone is busy making plans for those special gatherings of family and friends.

Event & Party Planner 
“The love is in the details”, whether you love them or hate them, it’s the little things that get in the way of planning an exceptional event.