Vegan Dinner Menu

Introducing our new Vegan Dinner Menu. Whether you’re a vegan or you just want to add a healthy alternative into your diet, this menu is specifically designed with you in mind. The options here are all meat-free (no fish or shellfish), and we are careful not to add milk and egg products.

Vegan Dinner Menu


Mediterranean Mezze ~ 12
Hummus ~ Eggplant Relish ~ Olives ~ Toasted Pita
Dairy Free

Artichoke Soup ~ 10
Garnish of Seasonal Vegetables ~ Roasted Garlic Herb Oil Drizzle
Dairy Free | Gluten Free

Baby Oak Salad ~ 13
Roasted Beets & Pears ~ Candied Walnuts ~ Shallot Thyme Vinaigrette
Dairy Free | Gluten Free 

Blistered Shishito Peppers ~ 11
Sesame ~ Togarashi ~ Wasabi Aioli
Dairy Free | Gluten Free 


Toasted Farro ~ 28
Roasted Cauliflower ~ Golden Raisins ~ Cipollini Onions ~ Lemon Tahini

Vegetable Risotto ~ 27
Wild Mushrooms ~ Wilted Spinach ~ Leeks ~ Peas & Herbs
Vegan, Gluten Free