About Us

Whether you spell it Etcetera, Et cetera or “Etc”, as we use the abbreviation in our name, the word is roughly translated to mean: “unspecified and other similar or additional things” We’ll start with our Owner and Chef Karen who has a unique talent for turning ordinary dishes into the extraordinary. She is constantly adjusting to the ever-changing palates of her customers and her abilities as a Classically French Trained Chef (French Culinary Institute) has allowed her to adapt to these changes quite easily. Her menu clearly reflects the name “Bistro Etc” – offering dishes and influences from around the world.


About our Chef

Chef Karen, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute and the International Pastry Arts Center, founded her first LI restaurant in the late 90’s.

Our Holiday Menus

We have put together a diverse selection of Holiday Dinner Menus. In most cases we will also be offering our regular menu favorites.

Picture Gallery

Pictures from both the inside and outside of Bistro Etc. The chef has also selected some of what she feels are her favorite dishes to be on display.



We are looking to hire Mature Experienced Part Time employees with an honest and professional desire to offer our guests quality service.

Culinary Dinner Club

The Club offers of the area’s finest and most unique dining experiences. Up to four times per year we prepare multi-course tasting menus.

 Corkage Policy

You should never just show up with your bottle, unannounced. Although this sounds obvious, it’s often ignored. Please review policy or call.

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