Comfort Food Dinner

With our Annual Comfort Food Dinner, the Culinary Club Etc is committed to bringing you an adult version of some of the classic comfort foods we all remember as a child. A Four-Course Menu designed to bring us back while still enjoying today’s culinary twists and turns.

Annual Comfort Food Dinner

Wed, August 19 2020 | 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Special 4-Course Menu | $TBDpp
*Menu & Price Subject to change up to 30 days prior
**Reservations will be accepted 30 days prior

We are unable to accommodate Dietary Issues for this Special Dining Event

First Course: Lobster Mac & Cheese

Preparation: We start by Slow Cooking Maine lobsters in a flavorful court bouillon. The lobster meat is removed and the shells are reserved for the cheese sauce.

For the cheese sauce we combine Vermont Sharp Cheddar, Nutty Gruyere and Parmesan with grated onion and cayenne pepper which is then added to a mixture of milk and cream. The sauce is then slowly cooked until smooth and silky.

The finalized cheese sauce is gently folded into our cooked pasta and just before we serve it to the table we add chunks of the lobster meat to the mix just to warm up. All of this is topped with a bit of crunchy seasoned bread crumbs for texture.

Second Course: Southwest Meatloaf ~ Mashed Potatoes

Preparation: Fresh ground bison & pork are seasoned with the vivid flavors of the southwest; ground chiles, cumin, cilantro, and other spices. They are delicately mixed into the meatloaf then slow roasted in the oven to keep it moist and flavorful. It is served on a bed of BBQ onions that have just enough kick to say hello, accompanied with sharp cheddar cheese mashed potatoes.

Third Course: Southern Fried Chicken Fingers

Preparation: Free range chicken breasts are sliced into “fingers”, and then long soaked in a marinade of fresh buttermilk, herbs and spices. Once the marinade is absorbed we rolled in flour and pan fry them until crisp on the outside while maintaining the juiciness on the inside. They are served with honey mustard & ranch dipping sauce.

Fourth Course: Chocolate Layer Cake & Vanilla Milkshake

Three thick layers of dark chocolate cake are separated by a creamy dark chocolate fudge filling to keep it rich and decadent. As a counter balance it is served with a cold vanilla milkshake for that perfect ending.

Reservations Accepted 30 Days Prior