Spanish Tapas Menu

Chef Karen’s favorite Culinary Dinner Club Event. For this dinner Chef Karen prepares an authentic 6-course Spanish Tapas Tasting Menu based on her favorite international cuisine.

Annual Chef Tasting Dinner

Wed, TBD 2020 | 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Special 6-Course Menu | $TBDpp
*Menu Subject to change up to 30 days prior
**Reservations will be accepted 30 days prior

We are unable to accommodate Dietary Issues for this Special Dining Event

For Your Table: Accentuates Casero & Pan con Tomate
Accentuates Casero (House Mixed Olives) & Pan con Tomate (Char-Grilled Baguette – Plum Tomato – Olive Oil)

First Course: Tortilla Española
Potato ~ Caramelized Onion & Egg Omelet ~ Romesco Sauce

Preparation: Crisp slices of potato mixed with slow cooked onions, blended with whipped whole eggs. Then cooked till golden brown. Served with an almond roasted sweet red pepper sauce.

Second Course: Piquillos Rellenos de Cangrejo
Piquillo Peppers ~ Lump Crabmeat Salad ~ Garlic Aioli Drizzle

Preparation: Small sweet red chiles lightly roasted and peeled. They are filled with delicate lump crab-meat, celery, green onions and lemon. Then just a touch of mayonnaise is added to hold it all together.

Third Course: Croquetas de Serrano y Manchego
Ham & Cheese Croquettes

Preparation: A mixture of ham and shredded cheese. Lightly breaded and sautéed till crisp on the outside and smooth and creamy on the inside.

Fourth Course: Gambas al Ajillo
Shrimp in Garlic Sauce

Preparation: Fresh gulf shrimp sautéed with roasted garlic slivers, olive oil, and a touch of chile flake. Then flamed with a touch of Spanish dry sherry, herbaceous parsley to finish

Fifth Course: Churros
Spanish Doughnut ~ Dark Chocolate Sauce

Preparation: Crispy, airy pastry. Cooked till golden brown then rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Served with a dark chocolate sauce for dipping.