Christmas Eve Menu

Join us for our Christmas Eve Specials to celebrate the Holiday Season. You’ve spent the past few weeks preparing for the holidays, we think it’s time to take a break with family and friends.

Christmas Eve Specials

Christmas Eve Specials
(Together with Our Regular Menu)


Lobster Bisque ~ 12
Rich Shellfish Broth combined with fresh lobster meat. We add a splash of fine Spanish sherry and just a touch of cream for smoothness

Oysters Casino ~ 16
Fresh briny oysters gently filled with a mixture of crisp apple-wood smoked bacon, roasted bell peppers, garlic, lemon and butter, Oven baked till golden brown and sprinkled with fresh herbs.


Rainbow Trout Amandine ~ 36
Pan sauteed with toasted almonds, brown butter, white wine and a touch of lemon. Accompanied by wild rice and roasted haricots verts.


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